Oleander – The Cancer Cure Frightening Our Orthodox Cancer Industry

The Salud Integral Clinic in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, has been treating patients previously diagnosed with terminal cancer since 2001. Many patients from the U.S. have made the pilgrimage and returned home free of cancer. Patients told by their doctors that there was nothing more to be done, have gone to Honduras and returned home either completely cured or in dramatic remission.

So what is the secret? Well, there isn’t any. The USFDA knows all about it, but in deference to our own massive pharmaceutical and cancer industries, they maintain the position that the medication used by the Salud Clinic is “an unproven medicine.” This in spite of studies world wide past and present, from multiple sources, showing clearly that the medication routinely induces death in human cancer cells without harm to the patient.

The FDA “protects” us from the potential harmful effects of this medication while roundly ignoring the toxicity study performed on 28 Beagle dogs at Southern Research Institute, Birmingham Alabama. No clinical signs of toxicity were noted in this study. Another lethality assessment in mice, conducted at Southern Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas, showed no pathological signs or ill effects. In April of 2000, the FDA approved a study of this medication in patients with advanced solid tumors. The study was conducted under the direction of Ronald Buckowski MD at The Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland Ohio. The abstract of their findings states that the medication can be safely administered at specific dosages, although no dose limiting toxicities were found.

This medication is far from a recent discovery. As far back as the 8th century AD, Arab physicians were using an extract of the poisonous Oleander plant to treat cancer. And that is where the hangup is. That is what gives the FDA the excuse to prevent an effective medication from upsetting the commercial balance of the orthodox health care community. The medication utilized at the Salud Clinic is a Nerium Oleander Extract (NOE) developed by Dr Huseyin Ozel at the State Hospital near Mugla, Turkey. Dr Ozel took out a patent on this extract during the 1970s, calling it Anvirzel.

The USFDA is not alone in its zealous obstruction of progress and innovation in health care. When Dr Ozel received his patent for Anvirzel, the full wrath of the Turkish conventional medical establishment descended on him. They had him arrested and placed on trial for “quackery.”

But they were to be denied any satisfaction. Dr Ozel had been treating terminal cancer patients with his extract for some time, bringing many back from the brink of death. Now they came to court in force, testifying vehemently in Dr Ozel’s defense. Dr Ozel prevailed. And thus was born Dr Ozel’s Oleander cure for cancer. Except that the FDA still stubbornly refuses to accept it, continuing to label it as “unproven.”

This in spite of the tests conducted in Europe during 1986 and 1987, confirming the effect of NOE on the immune system as well as on cancer. The studies then showed that NOE was at least six times as potent as the most active commercially available immune stimulants. And in 1988, a research team at the Munich University Pharmacology Institute attempted unsuccessfully to isolate the active components of NOE. Although several compounds were isolated and identified as possibly being beneficial for the immune system, nothing definitive emerged. The conclusion was that NOE needed to be used as is, further defying any attempts at developing an exclusive pharmaceutical.

So the FDA needs to content itself with simply blocking the marketing of NOE as much as possible. They keep falling back on the irrational reason that raw Oleander is toxic and insist on proof that NOE is not. Clinical studies and hundreds of patients turned back from death’s door don’t enter into this equation. The expensive and often mindless “studies” must be conducted over interminable time lines until, hopefully, the applicant runs out of money. Which is what happened to Ozelle Pharmaceuticals. Their Phase I FDA Trials were conducted with resounding success. Then they ran out of money. It is expected to take years to get Anvirzel through all the FDA trials.

Meanwhile, in 2001, Phoenix Biotech obtained a patent for Anvirzel in Honduras and treatment has been on going on there ever since.
Studies continue to pour in.confirming that NOE, Anvirzel induces death in human cancer cells, causes apoptosis, and enhances autophagic cell death in pancreatic cancer cells. Oleander has also been shown to enhance the effects of chemotherapy and radiation while lessening their side effects.

If the FDA has its way, we can all be stuck with the standard cut, burn, and poison routine imposed on us by the powerful cancer industry and those of us who get cancer and insist on being cured of it will be forced to leave the country.

How Effective Are Natural Cures For Prostate Cancer What are some of the popular treatments

Natural treatment for prostate cancer treatment often consists of treatments, including herbal remedies, natural vitamins, minerals and food supplements. Other treatments include massage, acupuncture, homeopathy and magnetic therapy.

Most natural therapies used in conjunction with a treatment plan, they are not intended to completely cure prostate cancer. Natural remedies for effectiveness is debated, many patients report that the procedure was useful to them, and many doctors argue that they are not of much use and cause patients false hope. They also claim that natural remedies can interfere with regular treatment for prostate cancer patients.

Homeopathy is a well-known natural treatment that is fundamental to a substance that can be done is generally well people sick, may have the opposite effect in patients who are already ill, if the dose is very low.

It has also been studies of magnetic therapy to help with the performance of prostate cancer treatment. It is believed that the North Pole magnets can help slowing tumor growth. Patients treated with magnetic therapy itself sits on a pad that has magnets.

Prostate cancer patients, free treatment of acupuncture and massage is often recommended. Proper massage make the patient feel more relaxed and better able to cope with stress. Massage and acupuncture are widely recognized as being free of treatment, rather than with alternative cures. Doctors often suggest that patients use these treatments to help them cope with their situation and condition.

Natural cures for prostate cancer is still under discussion between doctors and natural therapists, depending on their performance and ability to cure prostate cancer. If the patient is interested in learning more about natural treatments or remedies, a good place to start is to consult with your doctor who treated with and discuss the treatment, including the following procedures together with traditional treatment programs, the pros and cons.

It is important that patients be sure to tell your doctor about any natural remedies or treatments that they think before starting to use them. Even herbal remedies can be a reaction to some that have been used to treat prostate cancer.

Natural herbs have magical curing capability. Did you know that even fatal diseases such as cancer can be cured natural herbs? Yes, Lapach grass. This miracle herb stands as proof of the fact that natural remedies to cure cancer.

Cancer is a deadly disease. None of the curing methods or allopathy medicines are for. Lapach, natural herbs found in abundance in South America have miraculous curing cancer. This herb, inner bark is used in herbal remedies to cure cancer.

Existing allopathic cancer treatment methods have not so nice side effects list. The radiation modes of treatment, patients with cancer are very tight. But, the good news is that there are no adverse side effects have an impact on the natural remedies to cure cancer.

There are two wonderful herb varieties. Tabebuia, Altissimo and Tabebuia Avellaneda. When these two are mixed in the proper proportions, they both together give us miraculous cancer-drying effect. South American medical practitioner research shows that within one month, these plants produce strong cancer curing effect and a significant reduction in patients with cancer pain.

Herbal tea made from Lapach have a great impact on curing cancer. One cup of this tea is made from one heaping teaspoon Lapach bark. If three times a day, it Lapach tea offers cancer curing affected patients. The herbal extract Lapach even better potential impact.

Worldwide, scientists have openly agreed on Lapach chemistry. 1930, Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Frederick Koch, MD, used ingredients from Lapach bark, which is called quinone. He made the astonishing possibility of curing cancer, which was welcome news for the ailing cancer patients and healthy medical world. He used to cook it, even advanced cancer patients with medicines and herbs proven cure cancer effects beyond dispute.

Total grass Lapach has about 16 quinones. It should be noted that the jungle Lapach is fully protected from any kind of fungal infection. Curing ability, this miracle herb Lapach not limited to cancer. It has a magical effect on curing other diseases, such as leukemia, anemia, lupus, colitis, inflammation of the genital, Parkinson’s disease, Hodgkin’s disease, and all types of cancer. It is also found that the treatment of several other diseases, including, but not limited to, cystitis, atherosclerosis, Leukorrhea haemorrhages, polyps, prostate inflammation and eczema.

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Breast Cancer And The Benefits Of Liquid Kelp.

Seaweed studies released have proven conclusively that those who follow a regimen of eating raw kelp or ingesting natural kelp extracts, notice a definite reduction of times they’ve caught a cold or flu virus. The natural health benefit of kelp has also proven to reduce the amount of time the symptoms of the cold or flu virus remained with the test patient.

A range of mineral content will fortify osseous tissue, teeth and nails and is an anti-ageing revitalizer, providing more elasticity for your face and body. A wonderful act of Nature has provided the amazing health benefits of Liquid Kelp we have now. Yet additional kelp health benefits come from distilling these essential minerals extracted from Natures Ocean Grass Digitata Laminaria, also known as Sea Kelp. This extraction method releases vitamins & minerals from unavailable, inorganic essences into natural minerals which can be assimilated easily providing a definite health benefit.

Two important factors that contribute to Liquid Kelp Health Benefits are:

1- Journal of Nutrition February 2005

2- Wellness and Beauty Secrets, Pyramid 1970

Breast Cancer: The Connection of Iodine, Thyroid Problems altered by Kelp Health Benefits. Breast cancer is one of the most familiar health risks women face, that can see a kelp health benefit. Mortality rates have not changed significantly since records started to be kept in the 1920s. Surgery, chemotherapy, mammography, and radiation have not altered the mortality rate. Eighty five percent of women who develop breast cancer will die of causes directly related to breast cancer. (Source: Dr. David Derry)

Dr. Derrys hypotheses of kelp health benefits, are founded on extended studies of published medical papers in conjunction with his experience as a clinician, and are not just his opinions. Studies are currently underway involving the effects of organic iodine from kelp on cancer prevention and reduction – several studies are exhibiting very positive Kelp Health Benefits of natural kelp products. Because breast cancer rates worldwide carry on to increasing, more people are interested in early intervention or prevention.

Dr. Derry advises maintaining our natural immune system with small-scale daily dosages of naturally ocurring iodine from kelp, and improving metabolous wellness by renormalising suitable thyroid levels, capitalising on natures Kelp Health Benefits.

FORGOTTEN KELP HEALTH BENEFITS In February of this year health researchers at UCLA Berkeley(1), called for a dramatic increase in scientific research into kelp health benefits after Discovering that a diet containing kelp may decrease the risk of estrogen-dependent Diseases in humans, such as breast cancer”

Blood cancer

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“>With the first disease it is important to work out which type it is before beginning treatment. One is renal cell (RCC) and the other one is urothelial cell (UCC) which has some main differences which are treated quite differently.

All they could do is to drink less alcohol and exercise more, a proper diet is another must. The World Cancer Research Fund performed a survey on four countries, such as USA, Brazil, China and Britain. Britons ranked the bottom line of people who suffer from preventable cancers which had not been prevented with weight control, sedentary lifestyle or healthy and reasonable diet.

The fact remains the same that maintaining your positivity whether in good health or when faced with an illness that you can do a great deal to treat yourself with your own positive mental outlook. So keep in mind that if you have a disease that might look unconquerable from where you are currently standing, that one of your best lines of defense is a positive mental outlook and the strong will to fight

You are probably thinking that not many people live past 100, so the years do not match up. Telomeres can live up to 120 years, but there are many factors that cause the telomere to shorten faster. Some of those factors include smoking, drinking, infections, toxins, and among others.

He discovered that the shortening of telomeres limited cells to a fixed number of divisions. With further animal studies Gall discovered that telomeres were responsible for aging on the cellular level and that it sets a limit on lifespan. As soon as telomeres are consumed a cell is destroyed.

The health benefits of turmeric have been known for a long time and it has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to cure many different ailments. However, it is only in recent years that scientists have discovered how turmeric for cancer prevention actually works.

The bladder is a hollow organ in your pelvic area that stores urine. When a cancer begins in the cells lining the inside of the bladder, it is called bladder cancer. Although it usually affects older adults, it can occur at any age. Since most of these cancers are easy to detect at an early stage, successful treatment is easier for such types of cancer

We are continuously adding new information to help keep you up to date and informed about a variety of cancers as well as their treatment options. We provide in-depth explanations of each type of cancer including signs and symptoms, diagnosis, traditional treatments, as well as natural and alternative treatments. We want you to be informed to the best of our abilities.

Like other forms of cancers, there is no single cause for colorectal cancer. It is a combination of different risk factors that will make an individual predisposed to it. If you have a family history of the illness, then the likelihood of developing it is high. Your genes play a major factor in acquiring the problem. You also increase your probability of having colon cancer if your diet is high in meat and very low in fibers.

What exactly happens then when this machine zaps your brain? The most visible thing that happens right away is that you lose your hair for a few weeks. But there are more serious things that go on within. Brain cancer and memory loss happen to be real possibilities.

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Introduction To Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a disease that strikes women and is also the second leading cause of death. According to the American Medical Association and American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the most common disease for women. Usually breast cancer doesn’t affect women until they reach their 20s.

Every year millions of women are diagnosed with breast cancer. It is because of the amount and frequency of breast cancer screening, this is the most often sought for office visit among women. As women age, cancer screening visits increase.

The biggest procedure women go through when they visit their doctors is a mammogram. A mammogram is used to check the breast to determine if any cancer is present.

With all this talk about breast cancer, the number one question asked is what breast cancer is. Breast cancer is referred to as abnormal cells that somehow have mutated to the point they are no longer normal. The next question asked is why do women get it?

There are many causes of breast cancer. In some women, breast cancer seems to form if their menstrual cycle starts too soon. The average age for a menstrual cycle to start is about age 12. But for those that begin earlier, these are the women who run the risk of getting breast cancer sometime in their lifetime, particularly before they hit 30.

Another cause is late menopause. If a woman has menopause after 50, it causes the system to have an adverse reaction. The hormones change too late.
Having a diet filled with too much saturated fat can cause breast cancer. A diet that includes monounsaturated fats like canola oil and olive oil does not appear to cause or increase the chance of breast cancer.

Many types of breast cancers are inherited. If the family has a history of breast cancer, it is very likely to be passed on to later generations. So if you had a great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, sister, or cousin, who had breast cancer, you may get it to.

Women who take estrogen replacement therapy also can cause breast cancer. This is true if the therapy has been extended up to 10 years. It is obvious that breast cancer is a serious illness that can’t be taken likely. Women should never forsake getting checkups, especially when they reach their 20s.

If you have breast cancer, it would be good to know what it is, so you will know how to fight it. Without knowing what it is, how can you deal with it? You will be shooting blind.

Breast cancer is a bunch of cells in the breast that become abnormal for some reason. Scientists suspect that some forms of bacteria get into the cells and cause mutation. The mutated cells can attack other normal cells and cause them to become mutated. Some cells end up getting destroyed.

When enough cells are changed in this manner, cancer develops. Sometimes a small amount of mutated cells end up becoming cancerous. This is why cancer often starts small, in a certain section of the breast and spreads from there.

If the cancer is not stopped or controlled, it could end up spreading beyond the breast and end up in other areas of the body. This is when it becomes an absolute necessity to find a cure and quickly.

Paclitaxel Ranks First Among World’s Anti-cancer Drugs

Since 2006, the annual total sales of the natural raw materials paclitaxel injection and semi-synthetic paclitaxel injection paclitaxel reached $ 3.7 billion in international market. It ranks top one in international anti-cancer drugs.
After listing in 1992, paclitaxel has been warmly welcomed by the medical profession. The record of annual sales is more than two hundred million U.S. dollars. In the seventh year, global market sales have exceeded $ 1 billion. Thus, the taxol create a sales miracle of a single preparation of the plant anti-cancer drugs, even if the other plants listed earlier anti-cancer drugs, with sales so far, only more than two hundred million U.S. dollars.
So far, the international market, only two kinds of paclitaxel bulk drugs: one from a variety of yew bark; another is extracted from ornamental yew branches in Europe 10-berry red mold base, and then by the semi-synthetic made, namely docetaxel, its structure and natural extract is very similar to paclitaxel. These two bulk drugs are the best-selling API products in the international pharmaceutical market, and a long period of short supply, according to estimates, sales of paclitaxel and docetaxel drug substance ratio of about 10:1.
Taxol anticancer drugs are the hospital of choice in the world. The incidence of tumors of the world in recent years has increased more than 10 years ago, nearly double the lung, breast and ovarian cancer and other malignant tumors also showed multiple trends, the main users of these are paclitaxel in cancer patients. Generally speaking, prior to take its place in no kind of plant anticancer drug paclitaxel sales will only rise, not fall.
According to the latest figures released by the World Health Organization, the United States has now become the world’s first cancer-prone countries, and its new cancer cases each year 1.4 million people, accounting for the 14% of the global cancer patients. The United States has still paclitaxel largest consumer. U.S. cancer incidence rates have increased, the main drug of paclitaxel against advanced cancer, you can believe that its sales will continue to maintain the chia seed momentum of rapid increase. United States and other developed countries in the ten years of clinical use of the process already summed up a set of Taxol and other anticancer drugs, the best compatibility program, its medical department has been inseparable from paclitaxel, therefore, the demand for paclitaxel The amount also was a corresponding rise in the trend.
In recent years, the use of paclitaxel in the medical device is also favored. U.S. medical device manufacturers in the development of a paclitaxel-eluting stent for the treatment of severely blocked coronary patients. This new drug-eluting stents to prevent blood lipids re-deposition in the formation of a new blockage of the stent surface, which can greatly improve the life of the pharmaceutical raw materials stent. Because this drug-eluting stent has become the best-selling products to international involvement in the treatment of medical devices on the market, it was predicted that paclitaxel was introduced to the medical device industry will greatly exacerbated by the international pharmaceutical industry intensified paclitaxel battle degree.
The reason that why paclitaxel can not be further expanded is related with the low content in yew bark. Basically every 10,000 kg of yew bark can extract 1 kg of paclitaxel. This mode of production is bound to destroy the valuable forest resource yew bark which is endangered. But the good news is that the long-term shortage of paclitaxel deadlock is improving. A few years ago, some foreign manufacturers already successful develop the cell culture batch cultivation of yew bark cells. Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and other Western countries are engaged in the cell culture production of taxol. Source:http://www.cospcn.com

Fifty Four Year Old Patient Dies Of Colon Cancer After It Went Undiagnosed During 3 Colonoscopies

People with a family background of colon cancer and additionally individuals with symptoms are at increased risk of getting colon cancer. The main procedure employed by physicians to test for colon cancer if an inidividual has a family history or is complaining of a symptom, such as blood in the stool, is the colonoscopy. With this method doctors are able to see the inside of the colon and look for abnormal (and possibly cancerous) growths. In addition to testing people who are at an increased risk level, physicians also typically advocate that asymptomatic people who are 50 or older undergo routine screening in order to discover any cancer that may be developing in the colon before it reaches an advanced stage.

In case the doctor conducting the colonoscopy is unable to look at the full span of the colon it is feasible that there might be cancer present in the sections that were not examined. Among the reasons why a doctor might not finish the colonoscopy is inadequate prior preparation resulting in inadequate visualization or the presence of an obstruction which makes it impossible to pass the scope beyond the area of the obstruction. When situations like these occur the doctor should tell the patient and recommend that the individual either undergo an alternative procedure or a repeat colonoscopy. A failure to do so may lead to a missed cancer which can grow and progress to an advanced stage before it is detected.

Examine, as an example, one published lawsuit involving a 54 year old female who passed away from advanced colon cancer. The first risk factor her doctors knew about was a family history of cancer of the colon. Throughout the length of six years, physicians performed 3 colonospies on her. In that time the woman described that she observed rectal bleeding and abdominal pain frequently. Besides these two symptoms, her physicians, on at least one occasion, also noted that she had a third symptom of colon cancer – she had anemia.

In this case, the doctor who performed the colonoscopies in fact documented, with respect to two of them, that visualization was incomplete in both the ascending colon and the cecum. The physician additionally recorded that this was the situation due to the fact that there was a problem in passing the scope beyond the transverse colon. Sill, the doctor who performed the 3 colonoscopies and followed her throughout this period continued assuring her that her problems were due to hemorrhoids.

She was eventually diagnosed with colon cancer when her tumor was detected during exploratory surgery so as to uncover the cause of her problems. The cancer had grown and spread so far that the patient had to have a significant part of her intestines taken out and then had to undergo chemotherapy. Unfortunately, despite treatment she passed away from the cancer. As a result of the physician’s failure to follow up on her symptoms in light of two incomplete colonoscopies the womans family filed a lawsuit. The law firm handled the lawsuit was able to document that they acheived a settlement of $875,000 on behalf of the family.

Physicians use diagnostic tests in order to find or exclude particular diseases. For instance, the colonoscopy is employed to find or exclude colon cancer yet the result of the test is only as good as the accuracy with which the test was conducted. A colonoscopy employs a scope to see the interior of the colon to check if there are polyps or tumors in the colon

In the event that the whole colon is not visualized, as in the claim previously mentioned, a physician cannot count on it to exclude cancer. In the event that the patient does have cancer this might lead to a delay in diagnosis that allows the cancer time to grow and progress to an incurable stage. In a situation like that the doctor who counted on a partial procedure may be liable.

Anyone Can Get Breast Cancer!

Dear Ladies,

Finally, after years of research, a way of eliminating breast cancer has been revealed-

These methods of fighting Breast Cancer are tried and true. They work. Ask any woman who has had breast cancer and tried this program. They will tell you first hand that what I am providing you is an authentic, tried and tested remedy.

Here is a list of reasons why you should use my methods:

To help you cope with your breast cancer as you take steps to get rid of it for good. (Initially, breast cancer may not cause any symptoms. A lump may be too small for you to feel or to cause any unusual changes you can notice on your own). To put in your hand a guide that will teach you how to eat correctly. To put in your hand a guide that will give you the reason and purpose for why you developed breast cancer and what you need to do about it. To teach you the proper way to exercise that will benefit you in the short and long term. To help you develop a body that will be free of breast cancer. If you take my program seriously and do exactly what it says, and apply it to your everyday life, the next time you go to your doctor, you will be pleasantly surprised.

There have been people who took to heart my instructions and found their breast cancer went away within two to three months. Some found relief sooner, depending on the stage the cancer was in.

You may not experience the same results, but if you follow my program closely, you will find your body responding in kind and you’ll begin to feel better, have more energy, and even enjoy physical relationships again..

Your next question will be ‘Why this Guide when there are so many in the Market?’

For one reason, all those books on the market tell you how to deal with breast cancer, not how to get rid of it, or how to prevent it.

After 20 years of research and testing, I found that those who knew the reason they developed breast cancer took steps to educate themselves so they would know how to get rid of it and prevent it from returning.

At that time they applied my methods and found their breast cancer went away in a short period of time, never to return. In some cases, the doctor they went to were amazed by what happened.

Plus, my methods are not found online or in bookstores.

When I came up with the solution that worked, I preserved the original copies so no person could distort or misuse what I had created originally.

During the time I spent with many patients suffering from Breast Cancer I observed that if this deadly disease was not stopped or controlled, it could spread beyond the breast and end up in other areas of the body.

That is when I felt I must do everything in my power to alleviate this suffering.

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Stage Iv Esophageal Cancer, Natural Cure For Cancer

Stage IV Esophageal Cancer is said to be the metastatic cancer state which has spread to various locations of the body near and far. Different factors influence the decision of the patient for receiving cancer treatment. Patients in their Stage Iv Esophageal Cancer might have various purposes of receiving or undergoing treatment for cancer. For some, it might be for enhancing the symptoms via controlling cancer locally, for others it might be a chance for cure or for prolonging the survival of the patient. The potential advantages of getting treated for cancer should be carefully analyzed and balanced along with the potential side effects and risks of getting the treatment for cancer.

Stage IV Esophageal Cancer patients normally would be in the state where the cancer has widespread during diagnostic period and might not be cured using surgery. But the patients in this stage might sometimes like to undergo surgery for enhancing both the quality and quantity of food intake and for lowering the severity of food consumption related symptoms. Hence patients with inoperable Stage IV Esophageal Cancer undergo palliative esophagectomy for relief.

Other treatment options and modalities for Stage IV Esophageal Cancer patients include thermal laser, photodynamic treatment, esophageal dilatation, esophageal prostheses or stents and so on.

Thermal laser coagulated carried out by endoscopy might offer dysphagia relief temporarily. Polypoid cancers which grow inside the esophagus resulting in occlusion can be treated to the optimum using laser ablation. But laser treatment might not be that effective for cancer found in gastroesophageal junction and in upper esophagus.

Photodynamic ablation is found to be effective than thermal laser in patients with esophageal cancer for palliation. It involves injecting a light sensitizer inside a vein that is consumed by the cells. Then the laser is directed on the cancerous cells. The cells with light sensitizer get destroyed.

Esophageal dilatation is performed in patients who have undergone chemotherapy, laser treatment, photodynamic treatment and radiation therapy. The esophagus area affected by cancer get narrowed or constricted that relief is provided by esophageal dilatation and thereby improving the swallowing capacity of the patients temporarily. Flexible dilators are passed using fluoroscopic or endoscopic guidance by the physician via the mouth. Dilators or bougies with increasing diameters are introduced gradually into the esophagus till the swallowing difficulty is reduced.

Esophageal prostheses or stents are nothing but rigid tubes which are kept inside the esophagus for keeping them open. These are normally used in patients with Stage IV Esophageal Cancer and who are in their inoperable stage of esophageal cancer.

Natural Remedies:

You can increase your chances of surviving esophagus cancer now by trying these proven natural remedies discussed here – http://cancernaturalremedies.com

Restore Happiness by Means of Cancer Treatment India

Cancer is said to be not just one disease alone instead it is a whole group of diseases involving unregulated or uncontrolled growth of the cells. These cells invade in the other tissues through blood vessels or lymphatic channels. When the cells divide and grow uncontrollably they tend to form malignant tumors. Although all tumors are not cancerous anyhow it’s difficult to judge that which tumor might take the shape of cancer. This disease has been so life threatening that it needs to be treated immediately. Cancer Treatment India provides patients with the perfect cure from cancer. Treating it with the right kind of treatment is very necessary since the doctors just cannot afford to take any kind of risks with this disease.

Cancer can be caused by anything that leads the cells to develop abnormally. Some known reasons that increase the risk of cancer are:

Genetics, many people inherit such genes from their parents that are cancerous. Tobacco, intake of harmful drugs like cocaine, excessive smoking etc lead to cancer. The most common types of cancer that occur due to intake of tobacco are lung and mouth cancer.

Diet and physical activity, obesity is another cause for cancer. Always follow a healthy diet say no to junk food. Exercise regularly this will not only make you active but physically fit too.

Sun and exposure to Ultra violet rays, been in contact with the sun for long duration can lead to skin cancer as the Ultra violet rays of the sun are extremely harmful for the human body.

Cancer Hospitals in India are expert in treating any of these above mentioned causes. The cancer friendly environment of these hospitals has saved the patients from any kind of panic. Cancer Hospitals with their team of highly experienced doctors have assisted their patients throughout the treatment by bringing them the desired results. The hospitals have spacious and neat rooms. Best medical facilities are been provided to all the patients.

Cancer Treatment India has successfully treated thousands of those patients who were in a critical condition. With expert treatment cancer can be definitely cured but timely diagnosing its symptom and consulting the doctors immediately reduces the risks.

The most common cancer among woman is breast cancer. It usually originates from the inner lining of the milk ducts. Breast Cancer Treatment India has brought most effective results for those women who had been fighting this disease.

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