Interesting Facts About Cancer

For years people have been affect by cancer that has plague their life and their loved ones. Doctors have come up with all kinds of strategies to eliminate this nuisance problem disease. The main problem in concentrating on cancer treatment is to eliminate and wipe out these cancer cells. While the facts remain in reducing the burden of tumors can help in some ways, surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, don’t cure cancer in most cases. One of the factors of curing cancer is one must change the underlying factors that cause the disease.

The fact that people have suffered for many years in combating this disease, nutritional supplements and some parts of dietary therapy has help to change some of the known causes of cancer, and thus help the patient’s bodily immune system to better defend off cancer cells. Understanding cancer treatment is a very vital process for the patient in eliminating the disease which should be included always a nutritional aggressive component as part of their complete therapy.

The fact that the CDC reported just a mere half percent to one percent of metastatic cancer patients live longer than five years. Another updated Cancer Research has revealed that chemotherapy is now credited with remissions in only seven percent of cancer cases. These numbers can be greatly increased.

The fact of the matter that the things that has been shown on television you have seen and you read what has been printed in newspapers and magazines etc. But the one thing that remains is…were you ever told the “Truth!” This is what you want and this is what people want – but the fact remains how many out there is never being told the real truth about cancer and the incidence that it can bring. The fact that the numbers are growing significantly because people have been misinformed or uneducated.

When you look at statistics you’ll find one out of four people had cancer alone in 1960, but when you look at it today it is about one out of three. The chances are it could be lower as strides of achievement is being made. The fact that you can lower your risk of cancer by eliminating carcinogens from your food, and water, or the air that we breath in our homes or workplace. Here’s a study of which the FDA found that may be enlightening to you – that there where significant amounts of pesticides found in the average American food shopping basket-around 60-80 traces of it. Shockingly this government of ours did nothing about it.

The fact that you are never told the truth about cancer prevention is quite disturbing…the fact that you are never told the truth about conventional cancer therapy or the fact that you can now significantly lower the risk of cancer by cleansing or ridding the body of all toxins then go on a healthy diet and exercise regularly. The fact that many cancer establishments have relied on the crude and primitive treatments for surgery or the likes of radiation and chemotherapy as their only way of fighting this disease.

These therapies pretty much are very dangerous, toxic, and inefficient, but can be very profitable for those in the conventional medical field. There are many doctors in the field where there has been much discussion about this but the final summation of it all that was agreed upon by many doctors was that chemotherapy and radiation in essence is literally murder. This year alone well over 1,260,000 Americans will get cancer and all the while Americans are spending billions of dollars on cancer treatment and research alone.

The fact that you haven’t been told the truth about cancer fully and the death that it cause – Looking at these things with a keen eye, the facts remains cancer that causes death is on a swift rise – Unless the people take the time to be health conscious and watch what there eating and putting in their mouths and what they are putting on their skin and the things that’s found in our foods and that’s being allowed to be put in our products that we use, If we don’t take the time to read these labels of ingredients on can goods, hair spay, dish liquids, soaps, air fresher, and the list goes on and on this epidemic will still go on and people would still be getting cancer wondering where it comes from.

If we take the time to just do a little research on a product and what these hard words to pronounce you’ll find some shocking information that would save not only your life but the life of others around you that you know or don’t know and cause you to discontinue using that product or item or food additives that causes these cancer producing symptoms. Do your research, do your homework – READ, READ, READ. I cannot emphasize enough the life alternating experience you would have in saving not only your own life but the life of others of family and friends around you. Just remember that over six hundred and fifty thousand Americans will die of cancer despite what the best therapy of conventional medicine has to offer.

The fact that radiation and chemotherapy together is nothing more than a mixture of deadly poisons. Given examples: surgery and radiation their main objective of chemotherapy is to cleanse or rid the body of cancer by destroying cancer cells. The reason for this is because the cancer cells in the body divide more quickly than normal cells, such as chemotherapeutic agents targeting swiftly dividing cells in your body.

The fact that other cells such as those that are found in our hair follicles, and our bone marrow or intestinal lining are terribly effected. What does it do? It destroys our hair follicles, and the epithelial cells that’s lining our digestive tract – this is why so many that go through chemotherapy usually winds up losing hair and experiencing gastrointestinal sickness.

The fact that this is an all out war fighting against cancer doesn’t mean there is no hope…there is. But it is imperative the we educate ourselves in knowing all that there is to know in beating cancer. Remember there is one successful way of treating cancer and degenerative diseases and that is through wholesome body tactics.

What is wholesome body tactics…and what does it mean? What it means is you can’t drug your body into being healthy. Consider very carefully that it is your body and your mind that you must nourish with care – it might hurt you saying this but you can’t put every and anything into your mouth or on your body for that matter, stated again in another term…do you love eating, you just live to eat eat eat or do you knowledgeably eat smart eat wise and eat to live… you weigh out the factors of which of the two do you do…do you live to eat or do you eat to live? That is the question.

We understand this is not an easy subject for many but it does bear a lot of weight. We come to the realization that chemotherapy has been unsuccessful throughout the years in most cases of treating cancer. The problem is cancer is a systemic disorder which means it is in the whole body and it manifest itself in a particular part of the body or organ – this is typically call as one’s genetic weak link…for this reason is why a organ can not be cut out. Statistics show that ninety six percent of all cancer patients that survived chemotherapy have a relapse after five years.

To give you a little insight cancer in itself is an anaerobic organism which is an organism that doesn’t require oxygen for growth, which thrives in acidic, low oxygen, a moist environment and where it’s dark. Cancer begin to feed on glucose and once it feeds on glucose it secretes lactic acid.

The liver reacts by turning this lactic acid back into glucose so you wind up with a nasty breeding cycle of cancer feeding itself inside you. In order to stop this cancer from growing any further you must change your body to an alkaline state, and make provision of high levels of oxygen to your tissues to where your body can cut off the supply of glucose to the tumor.

This is just one of the few solutions that can help you as an individual to make sure that your nervous system, digestive system, circulatory system, lymphatic system, endocrine system and elimination systems are all functioning together. The natural way.

Purple Awareness Pins To Celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day

National Cancer Survivors Day is an annual holiday dedicated to celebrating life after cancer diagnosis. Managed by the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation, this holiday is held on the first Sunday in June each year. National Cancer Survivors Day 2011 was held on June 5th. Started in 1988, this year’s National Cancer Survivors Day marks the holiday’s 23rd anniversary. Originally held solely in the United States, holiday celebrations now also take place in Canada, India, the Netherlands and many other nations around the world.

Thanks to medical research and early detection, the number of cancer survivors has increased dramatically over the past decades. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, while there were 3 million cancer survivors in 1971, the figure for 2007 was 11.7 million of people who are living with this disease.

Though National Cancer Survivors Day is observed internationally, most festivities are local celebrations. These are often sponsored by hospitals, cancer research facilities and other organizations committed to the cause. It’s also common for other cancer awareness causes to be represented at holiday gatherings, armed with sign-ups for events like the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Race for the Cure. Events held for National Cancer Survivors Day include fundraisers, carnivals, speeches, concerts and art exhibits. Most events are designed for all ages, so it’s a great idea to bring the entire family along.

This holiday is as much for cancer survivors as it is for those still fighting. For patients still struggling with cancer, seeing and participating in the day’s events can help remind them that they’re not alone and that there’s hope. Look out for purple bracelets in the crowd; these are worn as a badge of honor by cancer survivors. Since many National Cancer Survivors Day events are locally-based, they also provide a great opportunity to meet new friends and supporters right in your own backyard.

Attending National Cancer Survivors Day parades or other events in your area is a great way to show your support for friends and loved ones who have been diagnosed with cancer. Just as cancer survivors typically wear purple bracelets, supporters can often be found wearing cancer awareness pins. Awareness ribbon pins are especially popular, as these can help show which type of cancer a loved one is battling. For example, pink ribbons represent the fight against breast cancer while teal ribbons support ovarian cancer. While supportive clothing and accessory items are not required to take part in National Cancer Survivors Day, they are a nice way to show some added support for the heroes this holiday honors.

Cancer Treatments Chemotherapy or Stem Cell

Often enough a lot of patients are put in front of the decision of what cancer treatment they should use. Lately new ways of treating this debilitating disease have arisen with the new wave of studies about stem cell therapy. However, chemotherapy and stem cells treatment are often used together. Studies have shown that high-dose chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant together are far more effective against the bone cancer multiple myeloma than standard chemo. Or should we choose one or the other?

Chemotherapy is the type of Cancer Treatments most commonly used nowadays. Chemotherapeutic drugs work by stopping mitosis or cell division and effectively making fast-dividing cells their target. Tumors with high growth rates are more sensitive to chemotherapy, as a larger proportion of the targeted cells are going through cell division at any time. The disadvantages of chemotherapy are the side effects. Common effects include:

-Gastrointestinal symptoms like: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation. In time, if left untreated they can lead to malnutrition or dehydration. It is recommended to eat frequent small meals and to drink liquids;

-Hair loss or thinning of the hair;

-Damage to some organs like: heart, liver, kidney, inner ear or brain;

-Anemia and/or fatigue;

-Red or dry skin, damaged fingernails, xerostomia, water retention.

Also another disadvantage is that chemotherapy can raise your chances to have, in time, a second neoplasm. And some types of chemotherapy can cause infertility. Plus chemotherapy does not always work as cancer treatments, especially in patients with advanced types and sometimes fail to completely destroy the cancer.

Stem Cell Therapyfor cancer implies, in a typical stem cell transplant,very high doses of chemo, often along with radiation therapy with the purpose to destroy all of the cancer. These cancer treatments also kill the stem cells in the bone marrow. Soon after treatment, stem cells are given to replace those that were destroyed. These stem cells are given into a vein, very much like a blood transfusion. In time they settle in the bone marrow and begin to grow and make healthy blood cells. The stem cell transplants can be: autologous stem cell transplant (stem cells are taken before you get cancer treatment), tandem transplant which is also called a double autologous transplant (in a tandem transplant, the patient gets 2 courses of high-dose chemo, each followed by a transplant of their own stem cells), allogeneic (the cells come from a matched related or unrelated donor) and syngeneic (the cells come from identical twins or triplets). Also research publishedfinds that injection of human stem cells into mice with tumors slowed down tumor growth. Human stem cells isolated from bone marrow, caused changes in blood vessels around the tumor, and it is this modification of blood supply which seems to impact tumor growth, slowing it down. Other studies found that stem cells force tumors to enter programmed cell death. However other studies find that stem cells actually promote tumor growth by the apparition of new blood vessels.

So basically stem cells in cancer treatment are a supportive type of treatment that helps chemotherapy for the moment. Further studies and clinical trials are needed to make stem cell therapy a valid option beside chemotherapy.

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How Les Brown Cured Prostate Cancer

Whether or not you can think you can survive prostate cancer, it’s very important for you to have an open mind that you can. I understand how horrible prostate cancer can be, but it’s still not as much a killer disease as the rest of the world has made it to seem. Yes, it has killed lots of people all over the world, young and old. Yes, it’s still killing lots more people all over the world. Yes, and all the other yess, but the fact remains that there are still lots of people that continue to survive prostate cancer each and everyday.

If other people have survived prostate cancer, then it’s very possible that you can survive it as well. Nothing makes the people who have survived it more special than you. I am very sure that the most important ingredient to their surviving the prostate cancer wasn’t mostly the treatment itself, but mostly in their BELIEF that they would survive it. Yes, you read that right. More important than the treatment itself is YOUR BELIEF in your ability to heal yourself.

Nature, or God (depending on the term you wish to use), has blessed every person with the inert ability to heal themselves, but lots of people don’t know about this ability. Even those who “suspect” the potential of this ability do nothing much about it. That’s mostly why lots of people don’t get cured when others do get cured, especially when both of them have the exact same condition.

That’s why I always tell many people to STAY OPEN. As far as prostate cancer or any other cancer or disease is concerned, it’s best o stay open and believe that a cure is possible, instead of giving up and expecting death to come. I don’t care if you have been given a very limited prognosis by the doctors and you are now waiting on death to come, a miraculous cure for your prostate cancer might just be around the corner.

Finally, it’s not just about staying open. You should try to learn all you can about other people that have survived prostate cancer and find out what they did, then do the same thing. You might just about get the exact same results, especially if you have the right BELIEF that you will survive it too, and if you have the right mindset! I am sure within a very short time, you will begin to see incredible improvement in your situation. Trust me, it can happen if your belief in your ability to heal yourself is strong enough!

How To Deal With Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer, which is the second leading cause of death in men, often brings scare even to the toughest men around. This type of cancer slowly develops in the prostate though there are cases of aggressive growth of cancer cells in some individuals. When someone is diagnosed of prostate cancer, he initially sees himself dying anytime soon. Worries, fears and uncertainties envelope patients diagnosed with this type of cancer. Nevertheless, it is not just the patient who is always affected. Those who are closest to them such as their spouse, children and loved ones share the same emotions. How do you go on living as a prostate cancer patient?

In Psychology, there is this well-known five stages of grief or the Kbler-Ross model. It describes the stages people go through to deal with grief or tragedy in their lives like being diagnosed with terminal illness such as Prostate Cancer.

Denial: Once you heard the news from your doctor, it does not sink in to you completely. Your first defense is to convince yourself you are doing fine and that there were no symptoms at all, you follow a very strict diet and even exercise a lot, how sure are the doctors it is prostate cancer?

Anger: When you start to embrace what are real, feelings of denial is replaced by anger. You started to think life is not fair. You try to find something or someone to blame for your condition. You resent people who are doing better than you are. Jealousy overwhelms your emotions thinking why other people can live happily and plan for their lives while you wait for your time to succumb to your disease.

Bargain: After some time, you surrender, let go of anger and embrace hope. You start to bargain. It is like saying, “just give me more time to do the things I need to do for my loved ones then I can go in peace”. A little extension of your life will suffice the pain you are going through just to see loved ones are doing alright before you leave.

Depression: When hope is loss, prostate cancer patients start to feel depress. Knowing how certain death could be, a patient will disconnect from anyone or anything that is significant to him. It is important that loved ones continue to give emotional support to cheer patients up regardless of how hard it can be.

Acceptance: The last stage, which is acceptance, takes time to embrace. There are times it never happens. This is the moment where someone embraces his fate. He lets go of all worries, anger and grief. This may be is the hardest part of all but it releases prostate cancer or any patient with terminal illness of physiological and emotional pain. It makes things easier to bear.

These stages may not necessarily come in order when dealing with prostate cancer. It is something that is not to be rushed or pushed as each individual is to his own. There are incidents when people start to accept, the power of the mind work its way to the body. This is when miracles happen that even the most advanced technology or well trained doctors could not explain.

Recognizing Bladder Cancer Causes

Bladder cancer is within the top ten most typical cancers nationwide. Among men, it ranks fourth, with well over 50,000 documented instances yearly. It is the ninth most common involving girls, having 16,000 diagnosed yearly with the ailment. Cigarette smoking habits among men may very well partly explain the large percentage, mainly because smoking are among the main bladder cancer causes.

Although it isn’t as big a killer as various other cancers, bladder cancer can be very embarrassing. Bladder cancer symptoms are usually mistaken for some other conditions (for instance kidney conditions). Getting a distinct understanding of just what its signature symptoms are may be able to save the life of someone who have bladder cancer.


One of several factors listed as bladder cancer causes, smoking stands superior. Smokes are twice as in danger as individuals who really don’t. Cigarettes has become attached to about half of the cases seen in the guys as well as a third of those in women.

Exposure to chemical compounds referred to as aromatic amines is recognized as one of the leading bladder cancer causes, comprising an estimated 30% of conditions. These harsh chemicals exist in many different materials and goods which includes chemical dyes, paints, inks and in some cases dust from leather. This makes bladder cancer a job risk to safety, with bus drivers and shoemakers who work with leather all equally prone to getting the ailment.

A reminder was issued in 2011 by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding the widely used drug Actos (generic name pioglitazone). Tests revealed that this particular common diabetes drugs could raise the risk of bladder cancer after more than a year of use by up to 40%.

Diabetics taking Actos might be qualified for damage claims if ever the medication was liable for giving them bladder cancer. You may speak with a law firm that has extensive experience with consumer class actions and medical negligence litigation to know more.


The typical bladder cancer warning sign is a condition called hematuria. It is the presence of blood or blood clots in your pee, and is usually not very painful. Although hematuria is regarded as the common bladder cancer condition, blood clots or blood in the pee are often the result of other conditions so be sure to check with your doctor first.

Dysuria is an additional bladder cancer symptom. Unlike hematuria, this is one warning sign that you can feel as this condition makes urinating unpleasant. If you continually contract urinary tract infections or feel the need to urinate often, those may be signs that you have bladder cancer.


Getting rid of bladder cancer can be uncomplicated or tough depending on how quickly you discover that you have one. As with most cancers, early stage detection gives you the best chance of getting cured from the disease. For bladder cancer in its early stages, surgical removal of the tumors alone can be enough.

As the condition progresses, it can infect the other parts of your body like the lymph nodes. Later stages might need more complex and intensive treatments like chemotherapy. This is why knowing bladder cancer symptoms is significant. If you believe like something is wrong with your urinating, it might be best to see your doctor right away.

Must Know Facts On Foods To Prevent Skin Cancer

The old proverb, “You are what you eat,” holds true in a lot of ways. This is true for all types of epidermal carcinoma, from elemental and squamous cell carcinoma of the skin to the much more threatening cancer. This is true for all kinds of skin cancer, from basal and squamous cell skin cancer to the much more threatening melanoma. To understand how this rather difficult process works, we must dig into the world of free radicals and antioxidants. This article will explain both these ideas to show there are indeed foods to prevent skin cancer and other sorts of sickness too.

Free Radicals

Free radicals are substances found in the environment and our own bodies. They are lurking in environmental pollution, cigarette smoke and the sun’s rays. Free radicals have been allocated the blame for all sorts of things from accelerating the results of aging to increasing the danger of some sicknesses. Free radicals have been blamed for everything from accelerating the effects of aging to increasing the risk of some diseases. Carcinoma of the skin is an example of the sicknesses that could be due to free radicals, especially when talking about the threatening rays of the sun. These nutrients can effectively combat the consequences of free radicals, by keeping our bodies healthy and our skin glowing.


Were you aware a war like this was waging in your own body? The superb reports is that there is a thing you can do to tip the probabilities in the favor of those pave antioxidants. These nutrients can effectively combat the consequences of free radicals, by keeping our bodies healthy and our skin glowing. Were you aware a war like this was waging in your own body? The glorious reports is that there’s a thing you can do to tip the possibilities in the favor of those pave antioxidants. This is where the right foods to prevent skin cancer become active. For foods to prevent skin cancer, check out berries of all types, including strawberries, blackberries, cranberries and blueberries.

Where to Find Antioxidants

Antioxidants are found in numerous of the foods we eat, especially those found in the produce dep.. For foods to prevent skin cancer, check out berries of all types, including strawberries, blackberries, cranberries and blueberries. Whilst your diet would probably not be ready to forestall all sicknesses, it can truly play a part in safeguarding you from some. You may find a high antioxidant content in beans and nuts. If you like, you can get your antioxidants from supplementation, but this is mostly not as useful as eating the food to stop carcinoma of the epidermis.

Whilst your diet might not be able to forestall all sicknesses, it can actually play a part in defending you from some.If you are trying to find foods to prevent skin cancer, commence with those all critical antioxidants. Your skin will give you thanks.

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Electric Cigarette Reviews Inviting the Enemy Cancer

Cigarette smokers know for a fact that the nicotine that they inhale is something that they get addicted to. Even with the knowledge that their health is getting ruined, people continue to smoke several cigarettes all through the day. Most often you will find the smokers ignoring hard facts and truth and instead choosing to believe in myths and popular but false notions.They continue to hold on to their beliefs and go on till the day they come face to face with the disease.Then all the myths disappear.

Ask an individual who has been a habitual smoker as to why he continues to smoke despite knowing it can harm him. He is likely to say that since his dad who was a smoker did not get affected and was fine and fit, he too is not likely to fall ill due to smoking. Then there are others who say am perfectly fit and fine. They find no reasons why they should quit smoking and not have fun.un.

We have the hard facts and figures to prove that in most cases of lung cancer victims, smoking both direct and passive smoking is the direct cause.There is no guarantee of the fact that because one’s parent did not fall ill that the self will also be spared. This false notion and belief cannot save you from the risks of smoking. It is another fact that there are no symptoms sometimes visible in patients who develop lung cancer. Several patients who have developed lung cancer due to smoking have discovered their ailment only the advance stages.Lung cancer can grow on you silently without your knowledge and the patient will continue to feel fine.

There is yet another type of individual who will tell you that he might probably be a victim, of cancer already in which case whey should he stop now. Doctors believe that if the individual is in very early stages of cancer then by stopping smoking, it is possible to reverse the progress and the tissues can turn normal. If some one has stopped smoking for the last ten years, he will be at much lesser risk of contracting the disease than if he were to have continued with smoking all the time.

Many times people who smoke continue to belief in myths alone and do nothing to find out what is the truth and what is the real fact. But children in high school and college smoke due to different reasons which is not connected to their beliefs.Most of them think that it is considered fashionable to be seen to be smoking. Many more children take to smoking due to their need to belong to the group and peer pressure. Some times the children like to rebel and also want to feel independent and smoking they believe makes them independent.

Any individual who understands how smoking can affect his health and future can with the help of a strong will, quit smoking even if he is addicted.

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Angel MedFlight Supports Relay For Life In Fight Against Cancer

Angel MedFlight, the leading air ambulance service, has a special bond with cancer patients, often transporting them to facilities to undergo treatment and specialized care. We see it as one of many ways to help fight this terrible disease. Another is becoming involved with the American Cancer Society and sponsoring events like their Relay for Life in Anthem, Ariz., which takes place this weekend. Mike Chartrand is the chairman for this year’s Relay for Life in Anthem and a 21-year cancer survivor. “Angel MedFlight is an awesome weapon to have in the fight against cancer, ” says Chartand. “It’s great that Angel MedFlight is able to transport patients when time is of the essence.” The Relay for Life in Anthem will be held Saturday, April 20 at the Community Softball Fields. It’s an organized overnight community fundraising walk which includes teams of people camping out around a track or path. Members of teams each take turns walking around the track. The event also includes snacks, games and activities. Saturday’s event kicks off with an opening ceremony at 6:00 p.m. and then a Survivor’s Lap 30 minutes later as cancer survivors, including Mike, take the first lap around the track cheered on by other participants. Mike takes part in the Relay for Life every year with his niece, Kaly — also a cancer survivor. Kaly was diagnosed with retinoblastoma at 10 months and it was shortly after that Mike walked in his first relay. Doctors removed the affected eye but Mike says Kaly never had to go through chemotherapy or radiation treatments. He’s happy to report his 7-year-old niece is in full remission saying says she lives like a normal kid, and then some. “She’s a ball of fire,” says Mike. Karynda Kearns recently moved to Anthem and will be walking in the relay for the first time. Both she and her husband Brandon, Flight Operations Director at Aviation West Charters, have been touched by the disease. Both have had grandmothers survive breast cancer. “This relay is for such a great cause,” says Karynda. ” I know of at least two people fighting cancer in the community and it’s great to see the people rally around them and show them they’re not alone in this battle.” Chartrand says Saturday’s Relay for Life “is a celebration of the folks who are currently fighting cancer, the survivors and it’s also a time to remember those who have passed.” He says it’s great to see the whole community come out to find a cure, realizing that everyone has that same common goal. As a Gold member sponsor of Anthem’s Relay for Life, Angel MedFlight is proud to stand with the American Cancer Society in its quest to find a cure.

Got Cancer Why You Should Drink Pau D’arco Tea!

Information and first hand knowledge.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer which had metastasized to my liver and given an average of 6 months to live…that was almost 7 years ago.
I firmly believe I am alive today as a result of drinking pau d’arco tea. This is a brief outline of the properties and benefits of pau d’arco tea in laymans terms and why in my opinion anyone diagnosed with Cancer (or many other serious disease’s) should drink the tea.

Pau d’arco bark contains many germ-killing substances. The incredible healing effects that pau d’arco tea has become known for are the result of the complex interactions of the inner barks many properties. That is why it is important to take the time to make and drink the tea in its complete and natural form. Many times the so called “active” substance is isolated and stripped away from a plant or herb and manipulated into something completely different from its natural form….losing all the synergistic activity that good old Mother Nature intended.

The healing substances found within pau d’arco are very significant when taken by Cancer victims. They can inhibit tumor growth, kill cancer cells and prevent metastases. Bernhard Kreher a Munich researcher wrote his doctoral work on the immuno stimulating effects of Pau d’arco and found that the body’s defense system activity increased by more than 48% when Pau d’arco was regularly consumed.

Pau d’arco contains a large amount of iron and calcium which help oxygenate and strengthen the bodies tissue and immune system. It also contains selenium a powerful anti-oxidant that removes free radicals which can damage cells and trigger disease – including Cancer.

Pau d’arco tea has a holistic effect on the body, meaning the whole body is detoxified. Harmful toxic substances, including heavy metals, pesticides, preservatives and even the residue from chemotherapy are more thoroughly eliminated. Blood vessels, the lymph system, cells, tissue and organs are all cleaned and detoxified allowing the bodies systems to function properly and efficiently.

Despite careful research there are no reports of any negative interactions of Pau d’arco with medications…Pau d’arco instead has demonstrated that it can combine with and enhance many other herbal applications…that is why many herbal blends contain pau d’arco among their ingredients.
One of the great benefits I found was that you feel and see the tea working so fast, my first scan was about 6 weeks after starting to drink the pau d’arco tea and it already showed significant tumor shrinkage….it is also very easy to prepare…

Brewing Instructions…In a stainless steel or glass pot add 3 tablespoons of Pau d’arco to 1 quart/liter of water (I always brew a gallon at a time), bring the liquid to a full boil with the lid on…then keeping the lid on reduce the heat so the tea is at a gentle boil for 25 minutes…let it cool and pour through a funnel and tea strainer into sterilized bottles, you can sterilize any bottle by heating it in the oven at 225 degrees for 10 minutes, I found a great source for bottles in washed out liquor bottles . Refrigeration is optional as the strong anti bacterial properties in the tea prevent any spoiling…I just sit mine on the counter because I think it tastes better at room temperature.

It is recommended that if you are drinking the tea for cancer reasons then a minimum of four, eight ounce cups per day should be drank, I consumed six or seven cups on average per day until the tumors were no longer visible on the scans, then fell back to my present dose of 2-3 cups per day…

Incidently I also can’t remember the last time I caught a cold even though many around me have been hacking and sneezing…another great benefit of the strong anti-bacteria and virus killing properties found in the tea.
The most important thing is to buy quality pau d’arco…you want the correct species Tabebuia Avellanedae 100% inner bark in a fine grind…I searched for and tried many pau d’arco sources, some offer it for as little as $5 per pound but believe me you get what you pay for…the less expensive tea tasted very weak and came as shavings or lumps of bark …not at all like the proper fine grind. I know of only two sources in North America that directly import from Brazil the correct species of fine grind inner bark…
Herb-Care and Prince.

Of course there are no 100% guarantees of a cure but many people have beaten the odds using this tea ….and happily I can say I am one of them!

[This article was dictated to the Author and is free to copy in its entirety provided all links and text are intact and unaltered.]